Smarty Dots 2.0 | Re-Engineered to enhance winning qualities and add new features!

Smarty Dots 2.0 | Re-Engineered to enhance winning qualities and add new features!

Yuriy RubanikOctober 02, 2019

Smarty Dots manufactures educational dry erase wall products that are unique to its perspective market!

1. Glueless - Flexiboard is simply held by few tiny, removable, repositionable, disposable, and replaceable Smarty Sticky Dots. That is why it is the safest, most versatile, and portable dry erase sticker that is not a sticker!

2. Zero Ghosting Effect - Erase Without A Trace! A Single Wipe Action! No need for sprays! No need for scrubbing!

3. Great "Babysitter" - When Smarty Dots Flexiboard babysits your kids with variety of educational templates, they learn about independence and logical thinking.

4. Logic-Driven - In addition to teaching the essentials of HOW to draw shapes, write letters and numbers, etc., Smarty Dots' learning method offers a simple way to answer WHY objects are created in such specific way.

5. Yes! Draw On Walls! - With Smarty Dots Flexiboard, your kiddos has a safe and exciting outlet for their wall-drawing desires. Show them the Flexiboard and you will safe ALL of your walls!

6. Purposeful Engineering - 1.5 inch buffer zone, along the Flexiboard perimeter, serves as a psychological barrier to prevent from going over the edge of the writable surface.

7. Very Large Application - Big display helps keep child’s attention on task, by providing less information to the spectrum of child’s sight. Children with ADHD benefit from this approach the most.

8. Thick and Solid - This very thick 298.18 microns of rigid multi-layer materials will absorb most of light accidental impact to the wall, and reduce, if not completely prevent, damage to your wall.

9. Premium Quality - Made in USA! Our premium quality materials have gone through a rigorous selection and quality control process to exert top performance for a long period of time. It is time to bring back quality into our homes!

10. Best Price – Our amazing Price Per Square Inch Ratio offers the best option on the entire market, while providing all premium features, like Size, Quality, Thickness, Rigidness, and Printed educational and professional materials!

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