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Shapes (28 x 30)

Smarty Dots

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Welcome! OMG, are your munchkins already crawl-racing throughout the house?! Amazing! Let them reach for the stars! (which are conveniently located on our Smarty Dots Introductory Application named "Shapes" :-)

Instructions: Start at the Red Dot to Trace and Create Shapes.

About: SHAPES are the best objects to introduce to your toddler. Once they learn to crawl, which is around the time of 7-10 months, they will be unstoppable! So, let them discover Triangles, Circles, Squares, and more!

Shapes are the basis for all those objects that are surrounding your munchkin from the second they are born!

Purpose: This education product is designed to improve Cognitive Skills Development of not only early-age children, but also students with special needs. The LARGE FORMAT application of this method is intended to minimize the level of distraction by other elements, presented on the surface. Similar level of distraction can be found in cases with students, who are overcoming attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Whether new or frequent user of dry erase products, you will be amazed by Smarty Dots' superior quality. Draw and erase with any color without any ghosting. The low-tack adhesive allows for a clean removal.

This thick, solid, high-density Decal can Protect Your Walls, not only from kid's creative drawings, but from accidental scuffs and scratches! Moreover, you can use this Decal as a Wall Art to display your amazing talents!

Make someone else happy! Smarty Dots Is Perfect for a thoughtful, original and budget-conscious Gift.

Smarty Dots - Knowledge Is Power!

Application: Hard, Flat Surface (Walls)
Type: Dry-erase
Base Color: White
Size: 28 x 30 (inches)
Weight: 0.32 lbs
Model Number: SHAPES_28X30