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Items on this page are either:

  • Discontinued Clearance (New) - Include both SD-1.0 (First Gen) and SD-2.0 (Second Gen) Smarty Dots FlexiBoards;
  • Clearance (All SD2.0) - Showroom samples, which have some surface scratches on a back (non-operational) side, which are not noticeable, when installed;
  • Prototype (SD1.0 and SD2.0) - Experimental designs. Have surface scratches, which may not noticeable, when installed.
As we reaches new heights, we are proud to announce the brand new and unique next generation of Smarty Dots FlexiBoards. Though the Smarty Dots 1.0 already offers a number of premium features, which are encompassed in one unique product, the Smarty Dots 2.0 is even more superior version.

We have seized production of Smarty Dots 1.0 to make space for Smarty Dots 2.0

Smarty Dots 2.0  Smarty Dots 1.0
Color Optically Transparent White
Adhesive None Removable
Erase Without A Trace Yes Yes
Thickness 300 Microns 195 Microns
Flexible Yes Yes
Material Polyester Vinyl

Take advantage of these discounted prices on remaining CLEARANCE inventory!

Sales of all CLEARANCE inventory are FINAL and cannot be returned or exchanged