About The Awesome Flexiboard 2.0!

The Flexiboard-2.0 is very Rigid, 298.18 microns (11.7 mils) thick (that's very thick), Glueless, and Optically Clear!

It comes in three sizes:

  • Big: 28" x 30" (71.12 cm x 76.2 cm)
  • Large: 58" x 35" (147.32 cm x 88.9 cm)
  • Huge: 58" x 48" (147.32 cm x 121.92 cm)

Note: We don't make small sizes

With these parameters, Smarty Dots Flexiboard is the toughest, largest, and most versatile transparent whiteboard on the market.

Flexiboard. Better than Whiteboard!

Our BIG size is perfect for a standard door. You can place a total of four 28"x30" Flexiboards on the door, two on each side. The bottom positioning is for the primary user - Kids between 6 months and 6 years of age. The upper positioning is for the older, taller kids, teens, and adults. Many of our customers are placing The Blank on the front door and use it a message/reminder board. The office environment is also highly benefiting from the portable size of The Blank, as well as Calendar templates. You can move the location of the meeting in the instance. Just roll-n-go!

The LARGE size is for the limited wall space. It fits perfectly below the window sill, taking into account that the window is three feet off the floor. Kids love finding new countries in the Large World Map!

The HUGE size is for the walls with more available space. You can also place it in a hallway. Two to three children can comfortably interact with this huge size! Also, this size is amazing for brainstorming with The Blank or create Graphs.

These sizes have been strategically determined to maximize product's utilization by its' user and minimize the cost of goods sold to make this premium product be more affordable by our customers. 

You Deserve Premium Quality at Affordable Price!