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Start your Smarty-Dots-Fun with your toddlers (1 year old or younger) and they will develop a solid early-age critical thinking skills, which will allow you (active parents) to see your children be more independent and, therefore, be less demanding of your involvement, by the age of six years old.

If your kiddo is a bit older and already knows a thing or two, then simply start where you see fit! Smarty Dots is segmented and equally holds a significant value.

What is Smarty Dots?

Why Smarty Dots?

Our ongoing case study, which began in 2014 and, throughout five years, involved nearly 500 childrenhas shown astonishing results! Our youngest participants were 6 month of age. As the time past and they grew, physically and intellectually, this method has grown and evolved along with them. This entire method and process was observed through their eyes and experienced through their interaction. Five years later, we had honored our first graduates with "Little Geniuses Award"!

Case Study Observation

We have observed an accelerated development of logical thinking, which led to a spike in independent, self-regulated learning activities. Things that otherwise would be taught at schools or by parents, children were figuring out on their own. For example: study have shown that those participants, who were interested in books, began to read with little to no effort, by the age of five years old, while their siblings have struggled to put syllables into words, by seven years old.

Trust The Process

What so special about this method is that there were precise changes made to the existing traditional method of general education [Phase-1] and those changes were combined with the Montessori-inspired elements of significant importance [Phase-2]. Finally, in Phase-3 we have arranged a layout on a large format.

Hooray! The Method was born!... shhh... let it sleep and gain some strength... And so, we patiently and quietly gave it a try. By following our students, whom were guided to follow the Method, the Three Stage Program was created!

Stage-1: Shapes

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Stage-2: Alphabet

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Stage-3: Math

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These educational products are designed to improve Cognitive Skills Development of not only early-age children, but also students with special needs. The Large Format application of this method is intended to minimize the level of distraction by other elements that may be presented on the surface, within their spectrum of vision. Similar level of distraction can be found in cases with students, who are challenged by Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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A Word From Our Young CEO...

Smarty Dots envisions to become a global leader in the development and production of logical methods for interactive learning, to aid the growth of an early-age cognitive skills.

Vision statement

Mission statement

Smarty Dots plans to ensure that creativity and learning of youth are encouraged, by appropriate knowledge delivery tools of logic-driven methods.
Smarty Dots values community, fun, integrity, and innovation. These values are the guiding principles and driving factors that foster the company to live up to its mission statement, attain its vision, and achieve its goals and objectives.

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