Flexiboard - Better, than Whiteboard!

Top 10 Best Features

Smarty Dots Flexiboard

...has overwhelming amount of premium features, which positions Flexiboard as a unique product that simultaneously pioneers two product categories: Early Learning and Office Supplies

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1. Glueless

Flexiboard is simply held by few Tiny, Removable, Repositionable, Disposable, and Replaceable Smarty Sticky Dots. That is why it is the safest, most Versatile, and Portable dry erase GLUELESS sticker!

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2. Transparent

This inconspicuous, Optically Clear Flexiboard, is there when you need it. All other times, it is out of your sight, not interfering with your diligently planned interior color schema.

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3. Erase Without A Trace

Single-Wipe Action!

No Scrubbing! No Sprays! Erase Without A Trace!

Logic driven babysitter

4. Logic Driven "Babysitter"

When Smarty Dots Flexiboard "babysits" your kids with variety of educational templates, they learn about independence and logical thinking. 

Draw on walls

5. Yes! Draw on Walls!

With Flexiboard, your kiddos have a safe and exciting outlet for their wall-drawing desires. Show them where they can draw and you will save the rest of your walls!

Purposeful engineering

6. Purposeful Engineering

1.5 inch buffer zone, along the Flexiboard perimeter, serves as a psychological barrier to prevent from going over the edge of the writable surface.

Very large

7. Very Large Application

Big display helps keep child’s attention on task, by providing less information to the spectrum of child’s sight. Children with ADHD benefit from this approach the most.

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8. Thick and Solid

This very thick 298.18 microns of rigid multi-layer materials will absorb most of light accidental impact to the wall, and reduce, if not completely prevent damage to your wall.

5 year warrenty

9. Top Premium Quality

Made in USA! Our premium quality materials have gone through a rigorous selection and quality control process to exert top performance for a long period of time. It is time to bring back quality into our homes!

Best price

10. Best Price

Our amazing Price Per Square Inch Ratio offers the best option on the entire market, while providing all premium features, like Size, Quality, Thickness, Rigidness, and Printed educational and professional materials!


To help children develop a solid early-age critical thinking skills; to trigger tendencies of independency, by the age of six years old. To improve Cognitive Skills of students with special needs, who are overcoming attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and some spectrum of autism.

Exercise Visual Memory

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Awesome way to learn!

Kids are on their feet, interacting and motivating each other to learn. So nice to see them being unplugged from TV, without being being board and doing productive thing on their own. Smarty Dots is the best "babysitter"!

- Katie V.

What a great idea!

Bought it for my 18-months-old, who destroys my house with markers and pencils. What a great idea! It’s easy to apply, super easy, clean, and very educational! I would recommend to anyone who has kids.

- Emma I.

Great for kids and my office!

It replaced my Office Whiteboard. It's a Glueless sticker - truly repositionable; Rigid - easy to write on; Flexible - portable clear-(white)-board for my business trips; Transparent - preserves interior color scheme.

- Scott D.

Great product and service

Great product. Great service. Will purchase again, as after seeing and using the product I now need more.

- Donna M.

Truly the best on the market

Undeniably, top premium quality, thick and solid, large variety of learning and professional templates, and huge yet strategic selection of sizes. Surprisingly affordable price! This small family business is making big difference!

- Tina K.

No mess. No marks

Great product! Works great with kids, as well as adults. It makes learning and/or brainstorming so much easier. Very easy cleaning. No mess. No marks. Love it!

- Alex F.