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Welcome! Let's Get Creative and Brainstorm Ideas with this plain Erase-Without-A-Trace and Glueless Flexiboard!

Blank (58x48) is a plain template flexiboard. Whether new or frequent user of dry erase products, you will be amazed by Smarty Dots' superior quality. Draw with any color and Erase-Without-A-Trace, without the use of cleaning sprays. The Glueless application makes Smarty Dots Flexiboard truly repositionable.

This thick, solid, high-density Glueless application can Protect Your Walls, not only from kid's drawing on walls, but also from accidental scuffs and scratches! Moreover, you can use this Flexiboard as a Wall Art to display your amazing talents!

Whenever you have a moment of eureka, use Smarty Dots Flexiboard to capture your vision on this Trusted, truly Repositionable, Flexible, Safest, most Versatile, and Portable premium quality dry erase Transparent whiteboard. With Smarty Dots' oversized dry erase Flexiboard, you may run out of ideas before you will run out of space!

Don't Draw A Blank!  Draw On Blank!

Make someone else happy! Smarty Dots Is Perfect for a thoughtful, original and budget-conscious Gift.

Smarty Dots - Knowledge Is Power!

Type: Dry Erase
Application: Glueless 
Base Color: Transparent / Optically Clear
Size: 58" x 48" (147.32 cm x 121.92 cm)
Net Weight: 1.56 lbs (0.71 kg)
Model Number: BLANK5848

Customer Reviews

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The best writing board for educators and professionals!!

The Smarty Dots board is awesome! My kids love it! We homeschool our children and it is great for lessons and taking notes. Everything erases with a cleaner is needed. I did not want to drill holes in my wall to hang the dry erase board that I had, so the Smarty Dots board was a perfect alternative. It was very easy to put on the wall. It is thick and well engineered so I believe it will last for years! I also love that it is transparent and "blends" in with the wall. I will be suggesting this product to all my homeschool and professional friends!

A board with a neat twist!

First of all, huge kudos to the creator of Smarty Dots! The person, who has designed it, kept in mind all the things a parent or a teacher might want for theirs kids, without compromising on anything. *Its very huge and very well made. *It’s thick enough for it to last for years, even with daily usage. *It works great even on textured walls as the material is thick enough. *The biggest and the best thing about this Smarty Dots is that it doesn’t rub on the walls not let the markers rub on the wall when we try erasing them. *The borders helps the user (especially younger kids) not to go beyond those border lines, thus saving the walls from any writing on walls. *The product comes with the reusable Smarty Sticky Dots that we can fix on all four corners to stick them to the walls, but all that you need is two dots. They are completely reusable and the package even comes with extras. *The writings don’t leave any shadows left-over while erasing even after keeping the writings for more days on the board. *Most of all, it looks super neat right in our living room, where I would never agree on putting any regular whiteboard, as it will be huge and protruding. *When there’s nothing written on it, it’s not even seen like something is on the wall, because of its transparent nature. *It’s transparent and goes completely with the wall or wherever you put them on. Hence the writings are clear, bright and crisp. *Flexiboards come in different sizes and we can pick ours based on our needs.

Scott D.
Great for kids and my office!

It replaced my Office Whiteboard. It's a Glueless sticker - truly repositionable; Rigid - easy to write on; Flexible - portable clear-(white)-board for my business trips; Transparent - preserves interior color scheme.

Scott, thanks for noticing the key features of Smarty Dots Flexiboard! With little to no maintenance, you’ll be taken care of for years!

Great size, sturdy, easy to write on.

Loving the giant flexiboard! Mainly using it to brainstorm business-related things with my husband, parts of it are used for To Do lists and kids' have taken over corners for their own artwork/goals. Maybe they'll get their own in their rooms. Haven't had to move it yet but ability to reposition was a big selling point.

That you for taking time to share your practical experience! The Young CEO and I are thrilled to earn your loyalty!