Quadrant | 1 Inch Grid (58x35)



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Einstein would be proud of you! Use Quadrant template to create graphs.

Parents! FlexiBoard is Better, then Whiteboard!

Instructions for beginners: There are four quadrants. They are numbered counterclockwise, starting from the top right quadrant. There are two Axis (X,Y) and one Origin Point (0,0). Use the X- and Y- axis to plot points. To plot points, you will need two numbers, like (1,2), where first number in the sequence is always on the X-axis and second number in the sequence is always on the Y-axis. The plotting of (1,2) will place your point on to the First Quadrant one square to the right and two squares up, from the Origin Point (0,0). 

Here are the coordinates for your first shape: A (0,8); B (-6,-4); C (6,-4). Have Fun!

About: QUADRANT is a great template for classroom, homeschooling, and working professionals.

These are truly exciting scientific steps of your little genius to observe!

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Type: Dry Erase
Application: Glueless
Base Color: Transparent / Optically Clear
Size: 58" x 35" (147.32 cm x 88.9 cm)
Net Weight: 1.135 lbs (0.52 kg)
Model Number: QUADRANT1IN5835