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Smarty Dots 2.0 | Re-Engineered

Smarty Dots 2.0 | Re-Engineered to enhance winning qualities and add new features!

Posted by Yuriy Rubanik on

Smarty Dots manufactures educational dry erase wall products that are unique to its perspective market! 1. Glueless - Flexiboard is simply held by few tiny, removable, repositionable, disposable, and replaceable Smarty Glue Dots. That is why it is the safest, most versatile, and portable dry erase sticker that is not a sticker! 2. Zero Ghosting Effect - Single Wipe Action! No need for sprays! No need for scrubbing! Wipe erything clean, without a trace! 3. Great "Babysitter" - When Smarty Dots Flexiboard babysits your kids with variety of educational templates, they learn about independence and logical thinking. 4. Logic-Driven - In addition to teaching the...

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