Classroom Dry Erase Without A Trace Glueless Transparent Flexiboard

Fun Classroom Flexiboards for Kids to Play and Learn With

Yuriy RubanikJanuary 22, 2020

In your classroom, you are always going to be competing with potential distractions that win kids’ attention. That is why it’s often a good idea to resort to educational tools that can organically incentivize them to learn and pay attention without getting too distracted in the process. At Smarty Dots, we have designed a series of fun classroom flexiboards that can teach kids different concepts under the guise of playing, helping them learn while having fun in the process. These are a few of the areas in which they can learn with our wonderful tools.

Numbers Dry Erase Without A Trace Glueless Transparent Flexiboard

Go Over Math Concepts

We all know how hard it can be to get kids invested in math, particularly the younger ones, because it requires extended periods of time to be channeled into learning rules and patterns. That is why there are options to make math concepts a lot more bearable for the kids involved. We have developed specific classroom flexiboards with this in mind, providing them with the necessary patterns to practice numbers, shapes, and mathematical operations in the context of a fun activity. Whenever things in the classroom might get a little too complicated for the kids, it’s good to have tools that can take them back to the basics so they can regain control of the ideas they are learning.

ABC English Alphabet Dry Erase Without A Trace Glueless Transparent Flexiboard

Practice Letters and Handwriting

Every kid will probably go through a stage, during which their handwriting will leave a lot to be desired. Heck, some adults are still in that stage. In order to prevent the latter scenario, it’s important for kids to practice their handwriting from very early on in the reading and writing stages. This way, they can correct potentially bad handwriting habits before they actually become a habit, at which point they will be much harder to correct. Our Smarty Dots classroom flexiboards with connect the dots patterns for letters (uppercase and lowercase) can help kids get a better grasp of their handwriting technique in a way that is both fun and constructive. Make sure you address handwriting before you are stuck trying to decipher hieroglyphics!

World Map Dry Erase Without A Trace Glueless Transparent Flexiboard

Teach Them Geography

Geography is very important for kids well beyond just being able to remember names and places on a map. World geography is the window through which kids learn that they actually share a world with other people, cultivating empathy and shared responsibility for their planet. A connect the dots world map on which kids can consciously go over the countries of the world, while associating them with a name and a spot on the map will help them develop these connections at an early age. Every day it becomes more important that kids develop a sense of belonging, regarding their place in the world, and Smarty Dots can help you nurture that feeling through a fun classroom activity.

Smarty Dots Classroom Flexiboards

Enrich your classroom with one of Smarty Dots’ flexiboards and create an environment where fun and learning don’t contradict each other. Kids love trying their hand at something new when they can actually use their hands to do so, which is why interactive approaches are much more useful than lectures and lessons. Browse our selection and trust us that you are bound to find a great new tool for your classroom.

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