Homeschooling, during COVID-19 - It is NOT a Vacation!

Homeschooling, during COVID-19 - It is NOT a Vacation!

Yuriy RubanikApril 09, 2020

Children associate home with fun. Conventional style of school education does not work in home environment. For once, children do not have their teacher in front of them - the authority figure. Second, they do not have their classmates next to them - peer pressure to behave well and stay on task at hand. Third, we need to, all of a sudden, become a good teacher, maintain a status quo of a good parent, and perform our jobs well. All that, at once, without prior notice, especially when we do not know anything about how to be a school teacher. Even our exceptional management skills are not enough to make this instantaneous transition. 

If somebody has not had deep appreciation for teachers, especially those who shape and mold the minds of our precious early-life explorers, they will definitely do, by the time this COVID-19 pandemic is over.

We need an alternative approach. We need alternative tools. We need to know how homeschooling works. Even if we will take a crash course on homeschooling and acquire all those tools, the quality of performance will still not be there, because homeschooling is a process and a different kind of discipline that our kids are not accustomed to. So we have to go with what we have and hope to we make the best out of it. 

One of those alternative tools is provided by Smarty Dots. The primary audiences for Smarty Dots Homeschooling tools are children between the ages of 6 month old and 8 years old. At the same time, there are tools for older children and even an amazing Home Office lineup, for adults. 

What make Smarty Dots so special are the patented Early-Learning Method and the Glueless, Optically Transparent, Oversized, and Erase-Without-A-Trace Dry Erase Flexiboard. Flexibaord is better, then whiteboard!

The Method will help your kids develop a solid early-age critical thinking skills. It will allow you (actively involved parents) to see your children develop into a more independent and, therefore, less demanding of your involvement individuals, by the age of six years old. Conventional method for an early childhood learning is based on repetitive actions - the "How" variable of the learning process, and Smarty Dots' method aims at developing logical thinking - the "Why" variable. The puzzle-like approach creates a playful environment for the very first logical stimulants, which set foundation and pave the way towards accelerated and very rewarding cognitive development.

Glueless application will save your walls! No hardware to damage walls with - just some static electricity and two tiny Smarty Sticky Dots. This approach make Smarty Dots Flexiboards truly portable; Just Roll ‘N’ Go!

Note: Conventional whiteboard installation requires the use of screws. Conventional dry erase stickers, which you have to throw away upon removal, will leave you with damaged and discolored walls.

Optically Transparent application will not disrupt the color scheme of your interior design, whether you are homeschooling, working from home or back at your office.

Erase Without A Trace feature makes Smarty Dots Flexiboard a zero-maintenance product; No Scrubbing and No Spaying required!

Huge size will give you freedom of thought. You may run out of ideas before you run out of space!

The Basics

The primary focus of early learning process has three stages:

Stage 1: SHAPES are the best introductory item for your toddler. Once they learn to crawl, which is around the time of 7-10 months, they will be unstoppable! So, let them discover Triangles, Circles, Squares, and more!
Shapes are the basis for all those objects that are surrounding your munchkin from the second they are born!

Stage 2: ALPHABET is the second stage of the process and we usually introduce it at approximately 18 to 21 months of age. The Alphabet learning material comes in upper and lower cases. We recommend starting with the lower case. The logic behind this notion is in the long term results - Every sentence written starts with one upper letter, followed by many lower case letters.
Give your future novelists a solid foundation!

Stage 3: MATH is the third stage in the process. It is the next step after your little explorer is comfortable with the Alphabet. On the average, we have introduced the Numbers to our little geniuses on their third birthday. At the same time, don't hesitate to stimulate their discoveries even sooner.

These are truly exciting first steps of your little genius to observe!

Beyond The Basics

Smarty Dots offers templates to satisfy the needs for older kids, who have already advanced in their studies (i.e. algebra, geometry, geography). 

Smarty Dots For Business

The Blank, the Graph, and the Calendar are perfect for the office! Especially, since most of us are working from home in our temporary offices, we need something good, functional, and portable to fill in the void. Smarty Dots Flexiboards are perfect for the job!

Smarty Dots is only limited by your imagination!

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