connect the dots whiteboards

What Connect the Dots Whiteboards Can Teach Your Children

Danny StarJanuary 15, 2020

At SmartyDots, we want to help you improve upon the cognitive skills development of your children. We do so by providing you with fun connect the dots whiteboards that help nurture a sincere interest in learning under the guise of playtime. Kids love getting to draw things, particularly if they can never run out of space. That has made dry erase our chosen approach. How can this teach kids new concepts? Here’s a quick guide.

 connect the dots whiteboards

Letters and Numbers

ABCs and 123s are the basis for all sorts of aspects of our everyday lives. We perceive our world, our communication with others, and our own selves by way of letters and numbers, so it’s very important to ensure that your kid has the right tools to develop a proper understanding of these. That is why our connect the dots whiteboards are available with patterns for numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase) so that kids can practice these while also enjoying a high degree of interactivity and creativity with the task. Kids tend to wander off the moment they realize they are being formally taught something, so these whiteboards give them the sense that they are actually playing as they learn vital life skills.

Music Bases

Every parent wants to cultivate musical skills in their children. It’s like wanting them to grow up to be a doctor, everyone wants their kids to be able to play musical instruments. Music is, simply put, a life skill that never fails to be important. That is why so many parents make sure that their kids are exposed to music at an early age and sign them up for lessons as soon as possible. A great way to complement their musical journey is to provide them with musical information they can actually interact with in a way they understand. A dry-erase grid for them to practice writing and reading music will encourage them to learn music beyond their lessons, as well as provide them with a useful tool during the lessons themselves. 


If you don’t want your kid to be one of those who give embarrassingly wrong answers every time Americans are asked to locate different countries of the world in a map, you will want to teach them geography at an early age, or at least cultivate an interest in the matter from the get-go. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) at how much a kid can actually enjoy a map, especially one with which they can actually interact with and play with. A connect the dots approach to learning geography, one in which kids can go over the different countries of the world themselves, is the perfect way to nurture that interest in the physical world that will be key in them wanting to learn more about it. Our SmartyDots world map will be the best way to do so!

Connect the Dots Whiteboards

The interactive aspect of SmartyDots connect the dots whiteboards can help kids remain focused on their own learning by making the task interesting, inviting, and exciting. By browsing through our varied selection, you will be able to find all sorts of interesting new ways for your children to keep learning beyond the classroom.

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