New and Unusual Classroom Gifts for Teachers

New and Unusual Classroom Gifts for Teachers

Yuriy RubanikJanuary 29, 2020

Teachers are terribly underappreciated. They do a lot of hard work in order to help kids learn all about the basics of many aspects of life. Therefore, it makes sense to want to show them a token of your appreciation every so often. While most people often opt for sweets, flowers, or even some sort of accessory, often, teachers would rather have something for their classroom that they can regularly share with their students. This can mean a variety of different things, from organizational material to actual teaching tools, which is why we have gathered a short list of potential gifts for teachers we could help you with. 

Smarty Dots Flexiboard Calendars

Every classroom needs to have a calendar for a variety of different purposes. On one hand, calendars help teachers and their students organize their class-related activities. Calendars, particularly easily-customizable ones, can be used to put up different holidays, due dates, school events, activities, and even birthdays, for the teachers and students to keep track of important occasions throughout the school year. Going a bit further, in classrooms with younger students, calendars can be quite useful aids for kids as they learn about the days of the week, time management, and other similar concepts associated with these. Our Smarty Dots Flexiboard Calendars are easily-customizable and endlessly reusable.

Flexiboard. Better, then whiteboard!

 gifts for teachers

Teaching Tools

What we at Smarty Dots have come to realize is that kids often learn best when they don’t know they are being taught. That is why teaching tools that take this into account can be so viable. It’s with such a mindset that we have come to develop our connect-the-dots whiteboards, which are meant to help kids develop writing, mathematical, and geographical skills. We have different template boards that are meant for practicing letters, numbers, math operations, world countries, and even music composition. These additions to a classroom can give students an interactive and creative outlet that allows them to learn and practice important concepts, without calling too much attention to the fact that they are in fact being taught. 

Tools for Kids’ Recreation

Of course, you also have blank whiteboards to think about. While these might seem like mundane or unspecial, particularly since most classrooms will already have one, a Smarty Dots "Blank" Flexiboards can be quite a special gift for teachers. Kids need an outlet for creative expression, which is why having a blank and plain whiteboard that can be moved around, placed in different spots of the classroom, and separated from the more official whiteboard, can bring forth quite the exciting addition to the classroom. This way, kids can be able to let their imaginations roam free by way of drawing, while also giving them a sense of contribution towards the classroom itself.

Gifts for Teachers

With our wide selection of Smarty Dots Flexiboards, you are bound to easily find a little something that is not only sure to brighten teachers’ days, but will also prove to be a fun and useful addition to any classroom. Skip the usual gifts for teachers, such as chocolates or scarves. Smarty Dots Flexiboards - the whiteboards that are sure to be a hit with any teacher and their classroom!

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