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Homeschooling, during COVID-19 - It is NOT a Vacation!

Yuriy RubanikApril 09, 2020

Children associate home with fun. Conventional style of school education does not work in home environment. For once, children do not have their teacher in front of them - the authority figure. Second, they do not have their classmates next to them - peer pressure to behave well and stay...

New and Unusual Classroom Gifts for Teachers

Yuriy RubanikJanuary 29, 2020

Teachers are terribly underappreciated. They do a lot of hard work in order to help kids learn all about the basics of many aspects of life. Therefore, it makes sense to want to show them a token of your appreciation every so often. While most people often opt for sweets,...

Fun Classroom Flexiboards for Kids to Play and Learn With

Yuriy RubanikJanuary 22, 2020

In your classroom, you are always going to be competing with potential distractions that win kids’ attention. That is why it’s often a good idea to resort to educational tools that can organically incentivize them to learn and pay attention without getting too distracted in the process. At Smarty Dots,...

What Connect the Dots Flexiboards Can Teach Your Children?

Yuriy RubanikJanuary 15, 2020

At Smarty Dots, we want to help you improve upon the cognitive skills development of your children. We do so by providing you with fun connect the dots flexiboards, which are better than traditional whiteboards, that help nurture a sincere interest in learning under the guise of playtime. Kids love getting to draw things,...

Help Your Kid Learn New Skills Through These Dry-Erase Education Tools

Danny StarJanuary 08, 2020

At the time of pushing children to learn new things, it’s important to keep in mind not to let them know you are in fact teaching them something. The key to cultivating a real hunger for knowledge is to teach kids without them knowing, and maybe the best way to...

The VERY FIRST STEPS in early learning methodology

Yuriy RubanikDecember 31, 2019

As an involved parent, I am actively evaluating the world around my child for all sorts of influences, and just like the rest of you, I want for my kid to have a good “head start.” Any tiny positive influence now will make a huge difference, later. And with that type of thinking, the Smarty Dots was born.

Smarty Dots: Multiple Ways to Learn

Yuriy RubanikDecember 20, 2019

Our Smarty Dots are designed to give your child a firm foundation from which their early-age cognitive skills can develop. As your child grows, so too will their cognitive abilities, so making sure that they have plenty of great educational tools at their disposal is a fantastic way to ensure they fall in love with learning. 

ABC Unplugged: Fun Educational Tools Your Kids Can Actually Touch

Yuriy RubanikDecember 12, 2019

There are plenty of great, online educational and interactive tools for your kids. However, your kids also deserve great educational and interactive tools for when they’re offline, too. Smarty Dots are specifically designed to teach kids shapes, letters, and numbers from an early age. Indeed, many parents have started their kids with from when they’re still toddlers.

From Shapes Through Upper Case Letters: Smarty Dots for Smart Kids

Yuriy RubanikDecember 06, 2019

Kids learn differently. For every child with perfect, precise handwriting, who shows all of their work in a neat, efficient manner within the given space on a worksheet, there are many other wonderful children who work to fit every single number into the space given, often bumping into each other....