Homeschooling, during COVID-19 - It is NOT a Vacation!

Yuriy RubanikApril 09, 2020

Children associate home with fun. Conventional style of school education does not work in home environment. For once, children do not have their teacher in front of them - the authority figure. Second, they do not have their classmates next to them - peer pressure to behave well and stay...

ABC Unplugged: Fun Educational Tools Your Kids Can Actually Touch

Yuriy RubanikDecember 12, 2019

There are plenty of great, online educational and interactive tools for your kids. However, your kids also deserve great educational and interactive tools for when they’re offline, too. Smarty Dots are specifically designed to teach kids shapes, letters, and numbers from an early age. Indeed, many parents have started their kids with from when they’re still toddlers.