ABC Unplugged: Fun Educational Tools Your Kids Can Actually Touch

ABC Unplugged: Fun Educational Tools Your Kids Can Actually Touch

Yuriy RubanikDecember 12, 2019

“Your kids will live in a digital, online world.” That’s something that practically all younger parents have heard, in one variation or another. There’s some truth to it: kids today will have only known a world with smartphones, tablets, social media and the like. However, the online world isn’t the only world they’re going to grow up in. They’ll spend plenty of time in the offline, “real” world, too. That’s where Smarty Dots come in. They can teach kids their ABC, shapes, and more with no screens, batteries, or electricity required. 

Smarty Dots Explained 

These educational tools go on your wall, giving your kids hours upon hours of learning and enjoyment. An easy way to think of them is as “dry erase plus.” They can allow your kids to learn about shapes, letters, and numbers, all in a truly “hands on” fashion. We don’t believe that “hands on” is only defined as “pressing buttons on a screen.” Here, the opposite happens: your kids literally hold dry erase markers in their hands as they play with and use Smarty Dots. By physically doing this, not only is it more fun and active for the kids, it can help them to learn faster and better, too. 

Cleaning as Easy as ABC 

For our Smarty Dots to work for families, we realized that they had to be easy to clean. After all, something that involves “kids physically marking up the walls” had to be simple to clean for it to be even remotely effective. That’s why we made sure that they’re as easy to clean as possible. For example, we take pride in what we call “single wipe action.” That’s it. In just one quick wipe, you can clear away all of your kids’ markings so that they have a new, fresh canvas with which to further explore. 

Simple to Move 

Life changes. Maybe move to a new living situation, perhaps you have another child which means that your kids move to another room. When your life changes, Smarty Dots can change with you. These dots are utterly and completely “glue-less.” That means that you can move and reposition them from one area to another without having to worry about residue and other concerns. Smarty Dots leave your walls looking like they did before you put the Smarty Dots on. After all, the “Smarty” part of the Smarty Dots shouldn’t be limited to what it teaches your kids. 

Smarter from Doing  

There are plenty of great, online educational and interactive tools for your kids. However, your kids also deserve great educational and interactive tools for when they’re offline, too. Smarty Dots are specifically designed to teach kids shapes, letters, and numbers from an early age. Indeed, many parents have started their kids with from when they’re still toddlers. Smarty Dots have been proven to be effective for kids up to the age of six. With these tools, your kids will begin a lifetime of learning in the real world. For more information, head to our site.

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