From Shapes Through Upper Case Letters: Smarty Dots for Smart Kids

From Shapes Through Upper Case Letters: Smarty Dots for Smart Kids

Yuriy RubanikDecember 06, 2019

Kids learn differently. For every child with perfect, precise handwriting, who shows all of their work in a neat, efficient manner within the given space on a worksheet, there are many other wonderful children who work to fit every single number into the space given, often bumping into each other. At Smarty Dots, our interactive and educational tools include shapes, lower case and upper case letters as well as numbers. There’s also plenty of room for your kids to (safely and cleanly) write everything out. 

Safe Buffer 

One concern we’ve heard from parents interested in Smarty Dots is: “sure, it looks great, but aren’t my kids just going to write their way off the edge and onto my wall?” This is a legit, valid concern. We specifically addressed that by designing a border line that creates a 1.5 inch buffer zone to the edge of the wall. That significantly cuts down on (if not outright eliminates) the odds that your kids will write off of the side and onto the wall. 

Upper Case Letters Second 

When asked by parents “which should we get first, the upper or lower case letters,” we tend to recommend the lower case ones. Your kids will be using more of those throughout their lives. Yes, they’ll learn that every sentence starts with an upper case letter, but if you’re teaching them the alphabet, the lower case is typically the best way to get started. For most kids, starting them with the alphabet from ages three through five is a good idea, with a lean towards the younger range. With Smarty Dots, you can get your kids off to a great academic start before they ever even go to school. 

“It’s Fun to Draw on the Wall” 

There are any number of academic reasons that we could tell you why Smarty Dots is successful. They would include incorporating concepts that children can understand, in a way they can understand them, at a very young age. They might even touch on how important it is for children to physically do something, as opposed to interacting with it on a screen. However, don’t discount the sheer, human enjoyment of drawing on the wall. Odds are, if you’re reading this blog, then you’ve probably already had to stop your child from drawing on the wall in an unproductive manner. Now, they get to that in a safe, clean way, while learning. 

Strong Material 

Too many things, whether they’re educational or not, that are made for children aren’t really made “for children” -- they’re weak. And, after only a bit of use by a child, they tend to break or wear down. Not Smarty Dots! We designed these with children in mind. So, these rigid and thick materials won’t be shattered or damaged; they even absorb some accidental impacts. To start your child’s learning in a fun, exciting way, you can buy Smarty Dots through our site.

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