dry-erase education tools

Help Your Kid Learn New Skills Through These Dry-Erase Education Tools

Danny StarJanuary 08, 2020

At the time of pushing children to learn new things, it’s important to keep in mind not to let them know you are in fact teaching them something. The key to cultivating a real hunger for knowledge is to teach kids without them knowing, and maybe the best way to do so is through dry-erase education tools that can pass as toys during playtime. The interactive aspect of the activity lets kids take control of it, making them learn without them really knowing. These are a few of the ways in which that can work.

Stage One: Learn Your Shapes

Visual development is incredibly important during the early stages of learning. This is, after all, the first way through which kids start to learn about the world around them. The perception of different shapes and their association with their corresponding names and characteristics is a vital exercise in cognition that helps them connect speech and visuals in a single idea. That is why our connect the dots whiteboards are specifically designed for kids to learn about shapes through their use. Their patterns allow kids to discover basic shapes while focusing on their specific defining traits by drawing them themselves. Our high-quality whiteboards allow kids to use them over and over again without stains or wear, making SmartyDots the perfect learning tool.

dry-erase education tools

Stage Two: Learn Your ABCs

The importance of learning the alphabet at an early age cannot be understated. After all, letters are the foundation of our written communication skills. In their development towards reading and writing, they will need to thoroughly learn their way through the alphabet. In that process, our SmartDots dry-erase education tools can help them get their ABC bases covered. These dry-erase stencils with clear connect the dots patterns allow your kids to go over every letter in the alphabet as many times as they can in hopes of helping them grasp these ideas properly. While this is not a reading course in and of itself, it will encourage your kid to keep learning beyond the traditional methods.

Stage Three: Learn Your Numbers

Of course, numbers are the next step towards a successful educational base for your children. While these are certainly easier to learn at first than letters, their knowledge about numbers will continue to grow and expand well-beyond their near-full understanding of letters. That is why it’s so important to establish good, strong mathematical bases with reinforced number learning. Our whole world runs on numbers, so they will be key in your kid’s early development and worldview. Giving them a SmartyDots dry-erase number board will give them the chance to continuously go over their numbers, reinforcing their academic knowledge and inviting them to keep learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

Dry-Erase Education Tools

We know that it can be hard to incentivize learning in children, even from a young age, which is why we’ve put in the necessary effort into our SmartyDots venture to know exactly what kids want out of a fun learning experience. Browse through our website to find the dry-erase education tools that your kids deserve!

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