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Smarty Dots: Multiple Ways to Learn

Yuriy RubanikDecember 20, 2019

Our Smarty Dots are designed to give your child a firm foundation from which their early-age cognitive skills can develop. As your child grows, so too will their cognitive abilities, so making sure that they have plenty of great educational tools at their disposal is a fantastic way to ensure they fall in love with learning. At our site, we have plenty of different kinds of products available, but we’ve found that most parents are only familiar with the Shapes, Alphabet, and Numbers. There’s so much more to our products than just those. 

Smarty Dots

Smarty Dots Music 

Music is one of the few things that your kids can be aware of prior to birth. No matter where they go or what they do, music will accompany them throughout the journey of their entire life. While we can’t provide your child with a musical instrument, we can provide them with a canvas upon which they can learn music for themselves. Just as they would learn numbers, shapes, and the alphabet, they can learn their musical scales, too. Your child doesn’t have to be a budding maestro to reap massive rewards from having music paper at their disposal. 


One of our most popular products is the Calendar. Your young child probably doesn’t have to keep track of their busy daily schedule, but there’s plenty they can learn from a calendar. Typically, we’ve found that most parents have the most success when introducing their children to the calendar between the ages of three to five. While it can help to teach your kids about the various days of the week as well as months and things of that nature, for many parents, the best part of the calendar is teaching kids about time-framing. Sure, your kids will probably be aware of the concepts of “today,” “yesterday,” and “tomorrow,” but once you bring the calendar out, they’ll be able to understand planning ahead for the future, too. Another popular feature of the calendar: it allows the kids to show off what they’ve learned from previous, prior maps. For example, inside each of those days, your kids can show that they can write some letters, numbers, shapes, and more. 

World Map and More 

Someday, your child will venture out from your home and neighborhood to see the great wide world. You can give them just a glimpse of what Earth is like with our World Map. Like the calendar, this is perhaps best introduced between the ages of three and five. With this, kids can start to wrap their minds around the idea of an entire world out there. Between shapes, alphabet, numbers, calendars, music, and the world map, we’ve got a lot covered. But, we realized that there might be something else that you want to use Smarty Dots for. That’s why we offer a Blank one, too. You can use it to draw up anything that you (or your child) ones. To find the right one for your needs, you can find our catalog at our site or message us there for more info.

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