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The VERY FIRST STEPS in early learning methodology

Yuriy RubanikDecember 31, 2019

As an involved parent, I am actively evaluating the world around my child for all sorts of influences, and just like the rest of you, I want for my kid to have a good “head start.” Any tiny positive influence now will make a huge difference, later. And with that type of thinking, the Smarty Dots was born.

Smarty Dots method puts more emphasis on development of logical thinking. Kids learn WHY thing are done the way they are done. HOW those things are done falls naturally into place, shortly thereafter. As a parent, you will be more involved in your child's development activities, but as they go through this self-guided process, they will become mostly independent by five or six years old. You will be proudly looking at your kiddo behaving like a little adult!

Some parents concern about over-educating their kids, during their Pre-K. It is a legitimate concern. At the same time, absolutely everything is educational for your child. The question of how do you deliver such educational experience? The "over-education" concern come into play, when you take away their play. By delivering educational experiences in a playful way, you will achieve the best results. Smart Dots is all about following the interests of a child. That is exactly what our education tools are designed for. With Smarty Dots, you can help your kids to get a head start on a lifetime of learning. Smarty Dots is a knowledge delivery vessel!

Education Tools from the Very Beginning 

Step 1: Shapes

We’re often asked: “when should you start with Smarty Dots?” Honestly, you can begin right around the time that they’ve learned to crawl. Really! The earlier you can start, the better. Of course, at seven to ten months (around the time they start to crawl). The best approach that you can take is to put you kiddo in your lap and have them watch you connect the dots to create various shapes.

Shapes of all kinds form the basis for everything that your child comes into contact with. Smarty Dots Shapes allow them to discover squares, circles, triangles and more all on their terms in their own way. This is a powerful, effective and fun way to form a foundation that will serve them well as they age. 

Step 2: Alphabet 

Once your kids reach the ages of 18 to 21 months, that is around when we recommend that you present your future novelist with the Alphabet. We have been asked: "How should I transition my child from shapes to alphabet?". Letters are also shapes and, therefore, since your kids have already mastered how to connect the dots, in order to create a shape, then creating letters will not be any different. 

For better long-term results, as our study shows, it is best to start with the lower case letters.

In the matter of few weeks to a month of daily exercise, you kiddo will be transitioning to the upper case.

Step 3: Numbers 

“When is the best time to start learning numbers?” That’s a question we’ve been asked before. Our studies have shown that once kids grasped the concept of connecting dots to create shapes (Stage-1), and then extended their knowledge base with more shape called letters (Stage-2), the numbers (Stage-3) can be transitioned to even before they are three years of age. Every child is different and learns in their own way, but around 30 to 36 months, you might want to consider getting your kids Numbers. However, there’s a progression we recommend within Numbers, too. Many parents have had all kinds of success by starting their kids with numbers 1 through 10 and then, once they have a firm grasp of that, you expand it out to double and triple digit numbers, like 10, 20, 30, and 100. But do not take too long of a pause before moving further. Believe in your kids, they can handle it! In our case study, kids were already performing double digit multiplication when they were 5.5 years old. 

Of course, these are just a few of the different kinds of Smarty Dots designs that we offer. As your children grow, you can introduce them to the World Map, Music, Calendars, and so much more, as we continue to expend the variety of logic stimulating materials. To start your child’s learning off right, everything we offer is at our site. You can message us there for more info, too!

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